Ginger was our newest addition, born just a week ago.  Sweet and innocent. Sometimes nature deals a harsh blow.  She was taken by coyotes the night before last.  It has  been a sad couple of days for both her mother and for us.        

Goat Prairie

Prairie Flowers 7 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ One of my favorite spots on our farm is a little prairie remnant patch.  It is far too rocky and a little steep for tilling, so has been left alone by all the farmers that have called this place home.  I had walked up here yesterday with the… Read More

Staying Home

There is a general feeling that to do something exciting or worthwhile or see something beautiful, one must leave home to do it.  After spending so much of my time the past few years away from home, I think our little farm is a pretty sweet place to be.  I think that this year, I… Read More