Painting Sessions

It is so important to find time to hang out with “your people”, and it is especially so for artists.  Although I live outside of a pretty small town (just over 4000 residents), I am fortunate to paint every Wednesday morning with a group of dedicated artists.  We are also extremely fortunate to find so… Read More

Fast and Furious Portrait Event

This past Saturday I took part in the Fast and Furious Figure and Portrait Demonstration at the Richeson School of Art and Gallery in Kimberly WI.  The Show itself has been hanging since December 22 and will come down on February 13th.  The event on Saturday comprised of 7 artists drawing and painting from a… Read More

Weekly Model Session

Our scheduled model was sick this week so my woodworker husband Tom stepped in and saved the day.  It was fun to paint him doing what he loves.  I have been wanting to paint him in his shop for quite a while, and this was the next best thing.