A Trip to Tennessee

Tom and I have recently returned from a trip to Tennessee where he had the opportunity to do a mentorship with Master chair maker Curtis Buchanan Here are the two chairs that he made while there: While they worked and told stories in the chair shop, I went off to paint the beautiful Eastern Tennessee countryside…. Read More

Grand Marais Plein Air

I am just back this past week from Grand Marais Minnesota where I participated in the Plein Air event run by the Grand Marais Artists Colony.  Could there be a more beautiful place to paint?  Tom and I stayed at a state park south of town.There were a few storms that came through during the… Read More

October Rain

  October Rain,  11″x 19″ This has been a particularly beautiful fall.  Some years there is a flash of color and the next day the winds have sent the leaves swirling off to the ground before anyone has had a chance to fully take it in.  Rain heightens the colors and smells of fall, and… Read More

An Old Favorite Place

I painted out at the farm of some dear old friends the other day. It’s nice to know they are around for a couple of weeks again this summer. Artists, musicians, teachers and folks who know how to live close to the earth. You have been missed Mike and Kate- it was great to see… Read More

Goat Prairie

Prairie Flowers 7 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ One of my favorite spots on our farm is a little prairie remnant patch.  It is far too rocky and a little steep for tilling, so has been left alone by all the farmers that have called this place home.  I had walked up here yesterday with the… Read More

Cedarburg Plein Air

Plein Air events are a great way to get together with other artists.  Paint out together, share ideas, learn from each other, talk shop, and get inspired.  For the last 10 days, I was camping near Cedarburg and doing just that at the annual Cedarburg Plein air Festival.  160 artists participated in the event, and… Read More

Recent Trip

I am finally getting around to posting a few images of paintings that I did while painting with a friend in and around Asheville North Carolina in March.  It was great to get away from the snowy north and to see the first subtle colors of spring.  We have almost caught up to where spring… Read More

Tainter Hollow

Tainter Hollow,  14″ x 18″ My children had the good fortune of attending a small country grade school just up the road from our place.  The school had the most wonderful art teacher.  I stopped by during school hours one day and Laura had the first and second graders out on the front steps with… Read More

Richeson Fox Valley Plein Air

Blue Sailor 8″ x 10″ OilI had the opportunity to join up with my friend Kate Mueller this past weekend and paint in Neenah, WI at the inaugural Richeson Fox Valley Plein Air event. Painting can be such a solitary sport, so these events are a wonderful chance for artists to get together, inspire each… Read More