What a glorious day!  I don’t think I remember the last time we had sun.  So, off I went to the woods with my paints and my high spirits.  I have to say, my job has great benefits!  After a hike into the Kickapoo Valley Reserve on the Ho-Chunk land, I came to this tree that is said to be an old Indian marker tree.  It looks a bit funny painted, but what fun to study it with its branches reaching straight out and the knob on top.  The marsh below the ridge was a cacophony of peepers, cranes, and geese.  I feel recharged after a long winter.

I thought I’d pass on a great break down mahl stick idea Tom came up with.  It is a wooden shot gun cleaning rod.  He refashioned the end where the cleaning wad was with a hook so it can hang on my easel.  It breaks down nicely to fit in my pack.