Another installation of panels went up today on the Viroqua Community Mural.  The original mural that was completed in 1997 was so badly deteriorated that it came down to a decision of either removing the mural entirely, or completely repainting it using new panels.  Off and on throughout the past year, I have been working with students from the Laurel Charter school transferring the old image onto newly primed 4 ft x 8 ft panels in my studio and repainting it.  The mural takes the viewer through the seasons with scenes from Vernon County.  The entire mural is made up of 24 panels and is 96 ft long.  The day turned out to be windy and cold, not what the weatherman predicted earlier this week when our plans were made, but the guys stuck it out and got the panels hung.  The plan is to have the rest up by this spring.